PhD Renewable Energy

Course Structure

The PhD Programme Renewable Energy is integrated into the Graduate School Science and Technology. Like the other PhD Programmes, we have developed a curriculum in order to provide the basis for a structured PhD Programme.

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The diagram of the curriculum is based on the examination regulations of the Graduate School Science and Technology, Appendix "PhD Program Renewable Energy" (at present only in German).

When you join the PhD Programme Renewable Energy the Admissions Committee will usually stipulate that in order to finish the program and gain the supplementary certificate you will have to gain a miniumum of 30 credit points (the maximum of 60 credit points is for those researching at doctorate level and from a previously non-related research area).

These credit points are to be spread amongst the modules A, B and C. Of which at least 12 points in module A, at least 6 points in B and at least 6 points in C. The remaining points can be spread amongst the modules as wished. In general, you can say that 30 working hours is one credit point. The examination regulations give you more information on the credit points available for each module.